Configuring automation environment using Maven

May 16, 2012 at 10:17 am 1 comment

It is clear to us that automation libraries are added to the project not like the other libraries. They are forcefully added by using the -include-libraries as the compiler argument.

How to achieve this in Maven(Flex-Mojos)?

Option 1:

In your automation profile, add the swc dependency with internal scope.




Flex-mojos supports 6 scopes:

  • merged: this is the default value, when not defined will assume merged. That means SWC/SWF file will be bigger and self sufficient. Same as -compiler.library-path
  • internal: all dependency content will be included on target SWC/SWF. Biggest compiled file. Same as -compiler.include-libraries
  • external: no dependency content will be included on target SWC/SWF. Smaller compiled file. Makes no sense to use this scope on SWF compilation. Same as -compiler.external-library-path
  • rsl: no dependency content will be inclued on SWC/SWF. But, SWF will have a reference to load it a runtime. Do not use on SWC compilation. Same as -runtime-shared-library-path
  • caching: same as RSL, but uses Adobe signed SWZ files.
  • test: libraries required to run tests. Same as -compiler.include-libraries, but at test template only!

Option 2:

Provide these information in the flex-config.xml file of the sdk to be used as follows.


This sould be inside the <compiler> </compiler> tag.


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Automation double click events in Flex components.

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  • 1. Ach  |  September 27, 2012 at 10:59 am

    hello raniskumar,
    I am using QTP11 on IE7, WinXP to automate Flex 4.6.
    The developers are using Maven for the build, they use the methode suggested here, by adding the swc dependency in the automation profile, they say that it is not possible to do it using the flex-config.xml

    However i am unable to detect the Flex objects using QTP, all i get is webelement, I am sure my QTP is configured properly as i can recognize objects on the FlexStore, a sample HelloWorld flex app compiled with builder 4.6 and on the RunTimeLoading wrapper.

    Everytime they do a build, I cannot see the TEAPluginIE.DLL loaded, but i can see it with other Flex apps.

    We are unable to use the RunTimeLoading wrapper for the tests as the application does not behave correctly using it (malformed GUI)

    Do you have any suggestions what to look for?
    Thank you and kind regards,


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