Automation double click events in Flex components.

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There is no direct way  to achieve this.  You can make your component support a special double click event.

e.g Assume you want to support double click on button

create MyButton which extends Button

Listen to mouse double click event, dispatch a custom event e.g ButtonDoubleClickEvent

Create a delegate class for MyButton  (MyButtonAutomationImpl which extends ButtonAutomationImpl)

listen to ButtonDoubleClick event and send for recording (refer any of the delegate classes for sample code)

Add details of ButtonDoubleClick event in the tool XML.


Why it does not work:

Automation works based on the highlevel event and clear of the other events in the sequence.  e.g Mouse down is considered as the new event. So it cleared. So a double click will be treated as two clicks. So having the custom event, prevents us from listening to the double click event instead the custom event.

I think chart has special double click event.


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