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QTP versions and Supported IE Versions


The table  below shows the versions supported for the Flex plugins for QTP

QTP Version IE6 IE7 IE8
QTP 9.2 Yes No No
QTP 9.5 Yes Yes No
QTP 10 No Yes Yes

QTP10 and 1E6 also theoritically seem to work. But it is not a supported combination from Adobe as we have not done extensive testing on this combination.


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Enabling log for QTP 9.5

Please follow the  steps below to enabled Log for QTP 9.5

  1. Go to the command prompt and navigate to C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\bin directory and invoke ClientLogs.exe.
  2. Select QTP in the left dialog.
  3. Select LogCatPackTEA and move it to the selected category.
  4. Change the Category level to Debug2 .
  5. Give the folder path where you want the log to be stored.
  6. Click on Apply.
  7. Restart QTP.

 Please not that there is a problem in QTP 9.5  such that when the user enables the QTP log recording does not work on flex applications. This issue has been resolved in QTP 10 and i beleive QTP has a patch to solve the issue for 9.5.  (I got a patch from QTP and it works on my machine)

If you are on 9.5 with all latest patch updated and if you are facing the recording issue, please let us know  (ideally a bug in JIRA – adobe bugbase) with the version details.


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