Using Ant sccript to compile the flex application and enable automation.

October 7, 2009 at 6:03 am 2 comments

If you are using ant script to compile your application and if you would like to link in the automation libraries , you need to use the appropriate compiler arguments. Please  note that placing the automation libraries in the library path and providing the library path using the compiler.library-path wont enable  the applications for automation.

Automation classes wont be added to the application by the compiler just by placing the libraries as the application code does not refer to the automation classes. So the classes needs to be linked in to the application forcefully using the -include-libraries option.

In the ant script this can be used as follows.

This needs to be used in the mxmlc task.

<mxmlc file=”${APP_ROOT}/Main.mxml” keep-generated-actionscript=”true”>

          <compiler.include-libraries dir=”${swf.output}” append=”true”>
                       <include name=”MyComponents.swc” />
                      <include name=”AcmeComponents.swc” />
                    <include name=”DharmaComponents.swc” />


For more details refer


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  • 1. Ponti1  |  March 12, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    We have successfully built our FLEX application with the automation libraries included, using ANT instead of FlexBuilder.

    However, the automation is still only recognized as “trial license”, and cots off after about 30 steps.

    Our understanding is that ANT only uses the FlexSDK, so we are unsure how to get the ANT build process to recognize a FlexBuilder “Professional” license that we have available.

    Any additional guidance is appreciated.


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