Automation Issues – controls non clickable

August 11, 2009 at 6:00 am 3 comments

Automation Issues – controls non clickable

I am trying to cover the common issues faced by automation customers of Adobe Flex.


Issue Description :
When the application is compiled with automation libraries some controls become non click-able. (Without automation libraries, the controls behaves perfectly fine).Please note that issue is different from controls not recording right events.


In application layout, a container is overlapping the controls. Containers are invisible, and without automation, there are no event listeners to the containers. Hence all operation on the controls under the containers also work.
But when automation libraries are included, containers gets listeners registered, hence it will not pass to the containers physically present under them. (You can visualize the container as a transparent sheet kept on controls)
There are two samples below, working and no working case, when automation libraries are enabled.


Non working case:

The application above does not allow the button to be clicked, if it is compiled with automation libraries. Without automation libraries it can be clicked.Reason is that, the invisible VBox overlaps this button. When we click on the button the following script gets recorded.



Working equivalent case:

If such a case exists it can be changed as follows.

Here button is inside the VBox. And hence the script gets recorded as


Note from the script that , the user can find out what container is overlapping the control. And they can use the design view also to find this.

I.e. in short , in such scenario problem is with the application layout of components


Solution of the above problem:

  • Any version less than or Flex3.3 and matcing automation will have the above the problem. The only way to handle this issue in those version is finding the overlapping container (e.g in the above case VBox) and making the mouseEnabled property of the same as false.


  • In Flex 3.4 and higher versions of sdk and matching automation this will be solved by not adding the mouse shield for the controls, if the event was added by automation framework.  So watch out for the sdk 3.4 or higher version releases for getting solution for this issue.

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  • 1. rashmi  |  May 3, 2011 at 7:37 am


    am trying to automate a Flex application using FLexMonkey. Am not able playback a Double Click action ojn a link. Can you please help me out here to resolve this issue

  • 3. hemanamani  |  October 9, 2012 at 10:58 am

    I need help .. I thought you can help me ..

    I am facing problem regarding testing FlexCustomComponents with QTP..

    Actually my FlexApplication is installed on remote machine (ex: machine)
    and QTP with Flex plugin 3 is installed on another machine .. I am able to access my FlexApplication in QTP through url ( …

    But my FlexApplication also has complex customcomponents …. for example ….

    I have a customPanel extending Panel .. my custom panel’s title bar has few images and buttons … i somehow instrumented customPanel and its titleBar too … i have deployed delegate file in the FlexApplication and included that delegate in the buildscript of the FlexApplication …. and compiled it .. also i have added customPanel entry into the TEAFlex.xml(present in flexPlugin folder) … but QTP is still not recording operations on the customPanel …

    where as the same delegate i have tried in my local FlexApplication (i.e by importing FlexApplication into flex builder) QTP is able to record operations on customPanel..

    I thought this issue might be related to flex plugin version and i have installed FlexPlugin 4.5 for QTP ..

    that plugin has got added to QTP addIn start up window too… but i have searched my entire PC for the plugin installed folder…because installation folder contains TEAFlex.xml which need to be modifed.. am unable to find it…
    I have tried placing TEAFlexCustomPanel.xml in the C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\dat\Extensibility\TEA .. But its not working out..

    where does this plugin installed folder can be found exactly … do you have any idea?

    Can you pls help me with this issue …. ? any help would be appreciable ..

    Thanks in advance.


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